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Solar systems for households


You can install photovoltaic panels on your roof, which can produce electrical energy. For a household is recommended to install 3 to 5 kWp solar system, which require 25 to 50 sq.m. roof space or 12 to 22 pieces solar modules.

It is possible to use the produces energy for:

- Feeding into the electrical distribution grid,

- Only for selfconsumtion by using storage system (batteries)

- Selfconsumtion and feeding the surplus energy into the grid


Which type is for you?

- If gird connection is no problem, then first and third option will be more profitable. .

- If grid connection is an issue, then the second type of the system will be better option.


How much does it cost a turnkey solar system?

- 3 kWp - around 4600 euro without VAT

- 5 kWp - around 8030 euro without VAT

- actual prices of pv systems here..


How much does a pv system produce?

-3 kWp - around 3750 kWp/a

-5 kWp - around 6250 kWp/a


What is the feed-in tariff for households

-0.18 euro/kWh


What is the future of photovoltaics in Bulgaria?

-PV systems are already common in many European countries like Germany, Spain, Italiy and are being introduced more and more also here.



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