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Solar systems for business


Where and in which cases is possible to use solar systems for business?

- On the roof of office, production and storage buildings.

- If you want to produce and sell the energy (Feed the grid).

- If you have production line or just want to save costs.

- If you think any changes of electrical energy prices can affect negatively on the price of your end product.


Why to invest in a solar system?

- To sell the produced energy ( feeding into the grid)

- To use the energy for selfconsumtion and feed into the grid the surplus energy.


What is the space requirement?


- For 30 kWp - around 200 sq.m. for a sloped roof and around 360 sq.m. for a flat roof.


-What is the commissioning period ?


What is the investment?

- Around 833 Еuro without VAT per kWp, an example fo 30 kWp - around 25 000 Еuro without VAT.


How much energy does a pv system produce?

- 30 kWp - around 37 500 kWh/a

- actual prices of pv systems..


What is the feed-in tariff ?

- The actual feed-in tariff is 0,10 euro./kWh without VAT.


What is the future of photovoltaics?
-PV systems are common in many European countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, etc, and they are being introduced more and more also in Bulgaria.


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