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Our ENGINEERING company is specialized in DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION of PHTOVOLTAIC installations and small WIND GENERATOR systems.

Motto Engineering was founded by eng. Ivan Dinev in 2008. Since then the company is actively developing projects in the field of RES.

In the recent years our team has faced many challenges. Based on our experience we feel confident in our own capabilities. That is why we have a desire for further development and much more challenges.

Our МОТТО: INFINITE ENERGY - Еnergy of the sun and the wind. To these sources we add also the energy of our team during the implementation of the projects for our customers. But we have to confess - unlike the sun and the wind, during the weekend - we rest.

In addition to our team we also rely on cooperative relations with our partners and friends - each one of them specialized in their own field.

We are the official representatives for Bulgaria of three German companies - prominent representatives of the solar industry in Germany and worldwide.

- KACO New Energy - manufactures inverters for photovoltaic systems in Germany,

- INNOTECH Solar - manufactures PV modules in Germany, Sweden and Norway

- EUROSOL - engineering company, which designs and builds photovoltaic systems worldwide.

Here You will find complete list of our SERVICES…

You can purchase our PRODUCTS on our ONLINE-SHOP...

If you have QUESTIONS concerning photovoltaic and hybrid (wind-solar) systems, contact us by phone or email, or just come and VISIT US...


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