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2007 - The founder of Motto Engineering - Dipl. Eng. Ivan Dinev - planted the idea in his mind to create a company in Bulgaria for deployment of solar technologies for energy production. At that time he lived in Germany and participated in a number of research and development projects regarding inverters for photovoltaic systems. Eng Dinev has been observing the rapid development of the solar industry in Germany. Along with that  Bulgaria adopted legislative measures to promote renewable energy sources. So it began..

02.2008 - Eng. Ivan Dinev founded ‘Motto Engineering’ Ltd with main focus project development, supplying and installation of photovoltaic systems

03.2008 -Motto Engineering found its first key partner - the German company KACO New Energy GmbH (at that time still KACO Gerätetechnik GmbH) specialized in photovoltaic inverters and obtained the exclusive rights to sell their products on the Bulgarian market.

03.2008 - First participation in the Exhibition for EE & RES in Sofia - the interest is huge, because photovoltaic panels have been hardly offered on the Bulgarian market so far. Yet, prices of solar panels are still very high and people are hardly familiar with solar power.. Since then we participate each year in this special exhibition.

07.2008 - Аttracting another large scale partner on our side - this is the German company Eurosol GmbH, which since 2000 has been working in the field of solar technology and is one of the leading companies in Germany. From them we get experience in the design and construction of photovoltaic systems..

09.2008 - First participation in International Technical Fair in Plovdiv. As the tradition follows after that, we present our products there every year.

2008 - 2009 - Motto Engineering developes several photovoltaic plants (PPP) projects, but still going through a difficult period as the technology is still expensive and unpopular at this time. Banks are tight in giving loans for the sector.. However, we do not give up and follow the vision and goals of our founder.

09.2009 - Start of the construction of our first photovoltaic plant in the town of Nova Zagora

03.2010 - Tracking photovoltaic system in Nova Zagora has been successfully completed

04.2010 - A new website is created with lots of information on photovoltaic systems and components. Custommers can find prices for all individual components  and sample systems.

Since 2009 - The team has expanded - we became a great and united team that is ready for any challenge :)

Since 2009 - A number of photovoltaic and hybrid systems have been designed and constructed by investing much effort and strength to each project.

06.2012 - We already have another strong partner on our side - the German manufacturer of solar panels, Innotech Solar. Innotech Solar optimizes solar cells using innovative technology and thus achieved a very good balance between price and quality. We are glad have them as partner and to make their innovative products ​​available to the Bulgarian market.

05.2013 - Nowadays we offer also small wind turbines, as we found that the combination of solar and wind generator is very good for autonomous energy production systems. The two generators complement each other in the different seasons..

07.2013 - We have developed our own system for management and control of grid connected photovoltaic systems that regulates the output power. The system ensures 100% usage of the photovoltaic energy output , without hvaing a battery unit. It’s applicable both in households and in businesses. .

11.2013 -  We created a new website to bring together the whole useful company information, online shop and a very informative blog for the PV systems.

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