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Energy management systems represent a set of charger (controller), batteries, inverter and software.

The charge controller regulates the values ​​of current and voltage of the PV modules within specified limits suitable for charging the batteries. Batteries that are used are specially developed by BYD - Fe technology - which are characterized by large number of full cycles (6000), high reliability of the output power and very stable performance at high temperature. All components are connected by electrical connections.

Specially developed software contain a set of software components, whose primary function is to analyzed in real time, each of the system parameters, and thereby to achieve maximum efficiency in managing the energy flow.

Everything is united as one module with a relatively small dimensions, making it very convenient and largely applicable in the household.

Example of operating mode:

In sunny weather, the system will allocate the necessary amount of electrical energy produced by photovoltaic panels to power all electric appliances included at that time.If the generated electricity is more than the consumed,then the rest of it can be stored in the accumulator batteries or to be given to the electricity distribution network, depending on the settings. Whole this energy management is realized thanks to a specially developed software.

BYD energy management systems are developed in two versions:

1.BYD DESS AC - Energy management system in the case where the PV system is built and connected to the grid.


2. BYD DESS DC - Energy management system in a case where the photovoltaic system is built and there is no inverter operating in parallel with the power system.



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