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Motto Engineering works with German solar controllers Phocos, Steca and the Dutch Victron.

Phocos AG is among the world's leading manufacturers of solar charge controllers and components for autonomous power supply. Energy-saving appliances such as lamps, refrigerators other electrical devices complement the spectrum of components of the company. The products developed and manufactured by Phocos allow greener and more efficient use of solar energy.

Steca Elektronik GmbH, as a electronic service provider (EMS-Provider) and manufacturer of solar electronics and battery charging systems is synonymous of ideas and innovations. As a pioneer in in many areas of this field, the company is imposed and established оn the market with its products, services and activities.

Victron Energy is a company that focused its activities in the production of power transducer electronics - inverters, chargers, controllers and monitoring systems for them. With its strong and justified reputation, technical innovation, reliability and quality of the production, Victron products are considered for professional choice in the construction of independent power installations.


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