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Solar energy audit and calculation of the potential shading on photovoltaic systems


For one prospective photovoltaic system it is important to be optimally located. To be placed with maximum accuracy, we perform a calculation of the potential shade of the given place or a roof.


By using a professionally device and appropriate software from Solmetric SunEye we can evaluate how will affect the influence of shades from surrounding objects, trees, buildings and sites not only at the different times of the day, but also in the different seasons in the year.


Through this assessment, except the exact location of the solar generator it may be determined the degree of illumination / shade and also can be calculated the energy production of the system. Also it is possible to calculate and find the best install location for PV, where the production of electricity will be with highest velue.

The solar energy audit and the potential shade's calculation is a service carried out before the construction for each of our projects in order to extract  the maximum of the sun energy and responding to the customer needs. We perform this service in cases as independent experts at the positioning of photovoltaic modules or solar collectors, in the design of passive houses, "green architecture" or when it’s necessary for the optimization of the landscape architecture around an already existing system.

If you have questions or requirement for solar energy audit, please contact with our competent and responsive team:

02 / 488 17 47  |  02 / 444 74 80  

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