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We design photovoltaic and hybrid power systems with renewable energy sources (RES) - sun and wind.

But before the design there is a thing which is much more important (at least to us) and is the foundation of any optimal working system for the production of electricity:


Finding the optimal engineering solution for your needs.  On one side, our engineering solutions are based of our experience and skills, on the other hand - they are based on your requirements regarding to the end product and Its budget.


But What are the subtleties that make a photovoltaic or hybrid system really effective?

The right combination and the optimal choice of each component of the system.


How the process of finding a solution and preparing an offer works?


1. Your idea for implementation of photovoltaic system in Your home or business.

2. Your inquiry.

3. Making phone calls for specifying the requirements (system type, location, where it will be placed, budget, etc..) and an inspection of the place if it's necessary.

4. You will receive one or two proposals from our side - the possible implementation and its price.

5. Making phone calls based on our proposal.

6. Jointly selected final decision from which starting the design.


What comprises the design?

Depending on the type of installation there are different requirements:


- For offgrid solar and hybrid systems - there is no requirement for project which will be submitted to the municipality, we prepare only working project for construction of the facility.


- For on-grid PV power plants up to 30kWp - it is necessary constructive advice and project - part Electrical - according to Art. 147, par. 1, item 14 and par. 2 of the SPA.


- For on-grid PV power plants over 30kWp -  It is necessery  preparing of investment project consisting  the following parts: Electrical, structural, Vertical planning / Surveying, Architecture, Plan for Health and Safety, Fire safety.


After the design follows the construction. You will learn more about it here… 



If you have questions or specific requirement for offer, please contact with our competent and responsive team:

02 / 488 17 47  |  02 / 444 74 80  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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