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1. For projects up to 5 kW

Another step towards more affordable solutions related to saving and producing your own energy is a fact and since October 2013 Motto Engineering is a partner of ProCredit Bank in Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line (REECL).

The program was developed by the European Commission , the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Energy Efficiency Agency of Republic

Bulgaria. It represents a crediting mechanism of € 40 million to finance energy efficiency in the residential sector and a further 14 million grant. Basically, any individual who wants to install a photovoltaic system , new windows or gas boiler can get from 20% to 35% grant for this , depending on whether running a single or group / story project .

More about Energy Efficiency Loan by ProCredit Bank


2 . Companies - Green Investing

Working in the spirit of European directives and objectives for green economy , the management of ProCredit banks provides credit lines for implementation of green technologies in enterprises . Entities that aim to improve energy efficiency , energy production from renewable sources and activities beneficial effect on the environment can benefit from the Green Investment Loan


3 . Cooperation with Imoti Doverie Ltd.

Imoti Doverie Ltd. is our partner and active participant in the actual implementation of projects assigned to us . The company develops long-term relationship with our corporate customers and together we prepare plans for the development of your business. Company helps our customers to provide credit for photovoltaic projects :

  • financing of photovoltaic installations
  • bridge financing
  • loans for construction work
  • refinancing
  • leasing of photovoltaic installations
  • Subsidy possibility  by the European Investment Bank ( EIB) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD)


Main advantages of the services of " Imoti Doverie " Ltd.

  • Apply for credit from all licensed commercial banks in Bulgaria
  • Examination of documents without prior lending fee in banks ;
  • Improving the conditions of the loan , as the proposals of banks are formed on a competitive basis ;
  • Preparation and distribution of documentation , as well as meetings with the banks;
  • No need for maintenance of qualified personnel in the field of financial services;
  • Minimum wage for the " Imoti Doverie " service ;
  • Significantly increase of the success rate when applying for a bank loan .



1. What is the period for negotiating a loan from a banking institution ?

Answer: Experience has shown that the process of applying for a loan , including the necessary documents for banks , submission of documents in banking institutions , examination , holding meetings and discussions and the preparation of a proposal for a contract credit continiued between 4 and 7 months .


2 . What documents are need for bank loan application ?

Answer: As a result of a long collaboration between " Imoti Doverie Ltd" and a number of banking institutions there is a list of documents needed to apply for an investment loan . The list includes investment project, business plan, ownership documents , market valuations of assets as collateral , accounting documents , construction contract, grid accession treaty with the electricity company and others.


3 . Which bank institutions are lending loans ?

Answer: All licensed banks in Bulgaria.





Imoti Doveria Ltd.

1784 Sofia , hc Mladost 1

Andrei Saharov Blvd 14B , 1st Floor ( metro station " Mladost 1")

02/ 4218401

web: http://www.imotidoverie.com/


Contact person: Ivaylo Krastev

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